August 10th Issue

A Crisis At Hand

When governments don’t pay companies, salaries get delayed and migrant workers suffer By Leila Hatoum and Abdullah Alelyan Mohammed, a Lebanese man in his thirties, spends his days worrying about how he will repay the loans he has taken against his overdue salary payments. He has sold his car, his furniture, sent his wife back to Lebanon, and currently lives with a friend in Saudi Arabia waiting for Saudi Oger to pay him what he is owed. Saudi Oger, the company Mohammed and over 30,000 employees work for, is one of the Kingdom’s larger construction conglomerates. Similar to its Saudi competitor the Binladin Group, it has been facing financial troubles, strains of hefty debts, and delayed government projects and payments. Both Saudi Oger and Binladin group were denied access to new government contracts over the past year, which added to th (Read More)

Inside Cover

Strong Men in Love

A failed coup is pushing Turkish President Erdogan back into Putin’s arms By Owen Matthews Did Vladimir Putin’s spies save Turkish President…


Yemen: In and Out of Africa

When Yemenis fleeing war make it to Djibouti, they often find Ethiopians heading in the other direction BY Laura Secorun A corpse…

Down Time

Bringing a Taste of Egypt to Canada

Maha’s, a family business feeding the masses BY Jillian Kestler-D’amours For Maha Basoom, there are no sweeter words than, “This is exactly…

Portraits of a Changing City

The first solo Saudi art exhibition in Washington D.C. offers an alternative view of Mecca BY Roshanak Taghavi The entrance into…