August 31st Issue

Mapping Kashmir’s Cycle of Discontent

By Asma Khan Lone Kashmir has erupted once again, engulfed by yet another cycle of conflict and violence—its Sisyphean bane. The trigger this time is the killing of rebel commander, Burhan Wani, the tech-savvy poster boy of the militant organization Hizb Ul Mujahideen. His killing led to an outpour of emotions and anger on the streets of Kashmir, attracting thousands of mourners to his funeral. The scale and nature of the protests are symptomatic of a deep-seated malaise while the incident has become a release valve for a much grievous resentment. Wani, in many ways, symbolized the new age militancy in Kashmir. Young and educated, his tryst with militancy came about not as a result of any ideological drift, but the outcome of an unprovoked encounter with the Indian security forces scarring him with a sense of indignity and disillusionment. It was not the result of an individual phenomenon created by a personal proclivity, but the consequence of a structural construct, bred by t (Read More)

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