August 3rd Issue

Captive Syria

The fight for freedom inside Syria’s prisons is on—and 200,000 have disappeared By Shawn Carrié and Luna Watfa  No sunlight enters the dingy, oxygen-less cell. Six by ten meters in length, each identical to the other two dozen, occupied by thirty men who sleep on the cold ground. Thaer bides his time, nursing a broken foot and abscessed ear—poorly healed marks from a previous torture session—by drawing caricatures on the walls, caked with a slovenly, muck-like amalgam of sweat, blood, and the thick black smoke from the burning trash which provides the only heat during the cold desert nights in Syria’s heartland. It’s an idle retreat that allows him to briefly escape his reality. “Life inside the prison is utterly static. The only physical action is you and your cellmates being drained psychologically and somatically. Your sense of time and place an (Read More)

Inside Cover

Egypt: Our Daily Bread

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The business of European football faces an uncertain future post-Brexit BY Bilal Aziz Some say football and politics should never…

Down Time

You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me!

Deep inside the weird world of CatCon, the Super Bowl for all those who love cats (and kitsch) BY Leilani Zee I hate…

Restoring Christ’s Tomb

A historic action by three churches helps Christianity’s holiest site fight elements of time BY Maher Abukhater  When the Israeli Police…