Bollywood Actor’s Dramatic Weight-Loss Leaves Audiences Stunned

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is a known perfectionist in the industry. He will go to any length to get into character, and his past transformations are proof of that.

His latest film Dangal, however, has sent shock-waves across the world. Khan, who plays the role of Indian wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, underwent a radical body transformation for the role: from a whopping 96 kgs and 36% body fat to 76 kgs and 9% body fat.

The actor first had to gain 25 kgs to play Phogat’s later years, and then lose the same amount to play his younger years.

“I suggested to the director that I should put on weight first as 80 percent of the film revolves around my fat avatar. Also, if I shoot those parts later then I will be left with no motivation to shed the extra kilos,” says Khan.

In order to gain weight, Aamir Khan ate nearly everything – brownies, chocolates, cakes, samosas. Losing all that weight however, was tough, Khan admits. He says his metamorphosis was extremely challenging, given the side effects of such a drastic change in body shape.

In order to lose weight, Khan says he stuck to the standard, old-fashioned calorie count system. Khan believes that 50% of weight loss is dependent upon what you eat. “The key is a balanced diet. Take 20 per cent of your calorie intake from healthy fats, 30 per cent of calorie is from proteins and 50 per cent of the calories consumed should be from carbohydrates,” the actor told the Indian express.

Khan would eat 25g of Upma with 100g of papaya for breakfast, followed by a protein shake and tuna sandwich. For lunch, he would have rotis and some vegetables.

While Khan’s fat-to-fit transformation has left many inspired – particularly in time for New Year’s resolutions – Khan warns that his dramatic weight loss in such a short period of time is extremely unhealthy.

“I would like to mention that putting on weight and losing it so fast is very unhealthy. I did it for my film under the supervision of experts, but it is very unhealthy for any regular person,” he said in an interview.


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