VIDEO: British Pensioner Visits Mosque Leader on Mobility Scooter to Apologize

Mohammed Mahmud, the mosque leader (imam) of the Muslim Welfare House, speaks to journalists about the van that driven was driven at Muslims in Finsbury Park, North London, Britain, June 19, 2017.

A pensioner travelled to Finsbury Park Mosque on her mobility scooter to pay her condolences after a
a man drove a van into a group of Muslim worshippers at the north London mosque on Monday, June 21.

Julie Simpson turned up at the gates to say how sorry she was, and to hand over an envelope of money to the mosque.

Moving footage taken on the scene starts off with the woman telling a small child: “You enjoy yourself with your family. Give your family a hug.”

When asked why she has come here, Julie explained: “I’ve come here because people who have come here are not English.

“They aren’t Christian, in fact, God forgive me, they are animals. They are pigs.

The Imam Mohammed Mahmoud has been hailed as a hero for protecting the terrorist from the angry mob and handing him over safetly to the police.

In the video, Mahmoud thanks Simpson and tells her:”You don’t have to apologize because he doesn’t represent you.”

“This criminal doesn’t represent Britain.”

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