Abandoned Animals of Taiz

Yemen’s animals have few protectors. Some are even in danger of extinction. Some of the endangered Arabian leopards have begun to eat the corpses of their companions in order to survive. More by Nasser Al Sakkaf… Social Streams

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Gaza’s Zoo: No Way Out

UPDATE: After Newsweek Middle East broke the news on the world’s worst zoo in Khan Younis, south of Gaza earlier this year, animal rights’ groups and activists were quick to take action. And while some called for closing down the place, there were others who launched an initiative to evacuate the starving animals to safety. Read

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Young Pregnant Women Have Become Yemen’s Invisible Victims

Young pregnant women have become the invisible victims of the protracted conflict in Yemen. Some have also turned into war widows overnight. With no bread-winners in the family, many are left to choose between using their limited resources to feed their family or seek medical care. Read more: Social Streams

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