Dubai Ruler Retires Nine Executives After Spot Checks on Gov’t Offices Show Tardiness

UAE Vice President and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed made an impromptu visit to several Dubai government offices on Sunday, August 28, in an effort to ensure high working standards.

DUBAI – August 30 – UAE President and Dubai Ruler His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has ordered the retirement of nine executive directors on Monday, a day after he conducted surprise spot checks on government offices, only to find them empty with many employees late for work – including senior management.

In a statement, published by various local media, Sheikh Mohammed “expressed his appreciation” to the nine executives over their past efforts, “wishing them success.”

The statement also described Sheikh Mohammed’s move as a way to reflect his “keenness to allow a new generation of young leaders to shoulder the responsibility of development in the next period.”

All the executive directors were former employees at Dubai Municipality.

Mona Al Marri, director-general of the government of Dubai’s Media Office said that Sheikh Mohammed “certainly wanted to send a message,” adding that “timeliness starts the top and we won’t go after employees when their bosses aren’t there.”

On Sunday, August 28, Dubai Media Office posted videos and pictures of Sheikh Mohammed standing in empty offices at 7:30 in the morning (UAE local time). Among the offices that he visited were Dubai Municipality, Dubai Land Department, the Dubai Economic Department and Dubai International Airport.

Sheikh Mohammed’s website stated that the tour was “part of his keenness to follow up the progress of work in various government departments, especially service providers.”

It is not the first time that Sheikh Mohammed has surprised employees in Dubai in an attempt to keep work ethics on par with the best. His decision to sack these executives comes in line with his policy.

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