Fashion Forward Dubai

A new contender in the ring

By Arfa Shahid

 Dubai is aspiring to fashion heights. But the occidental gaze of the fashion world has oft-viewed the emirate as a tasteless, money-driven, brand-conscious city, lacking in its street-style. Now, some are beginning to question that.

Can Dubai lay claim to its own independent fashion sense – one that doesn’t rely on big names and designer labels? A few years ago, the answer would have been a resounding no. Now in its sixth season, Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWDDXB) showcases emerging designers from the region.

Hosting fashion seminars, trade-shows and catwalks, the seasonal event fosters industry discussion and creative exchange. This season’s talks featured Dubai’s Bong Guerrero, Imran Amed, founder of fashion-journalism website ‘Business of Fashion’ and sartorial powerhouse Scott Schuman of ‘The Sartorialist’, all drawing inspiration from the city’s socio-ethnic hybridity.

With such well-known industry names driving the discussion forward, it’s becoming harder to ignore Dubai for its attention to the craft.


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  1. Hassan

    Dubai embodies a cosmopolitan culture which is distinctly modern yet compatible with local customs and heritage. The local industry is slowly but surely making it’s mark. I would like to see the local designers focus not just on the global fashion trends but also the traditional roots of our culture. An amalgam of these themes will give Dubai fashion industry it’s own unique identity in the global fashion world.

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