I Am Not Malala: Author Launches Book Against Nobel Laureate

Pakistani teenage activist Malala Yousafzai (R) has chronicled her campaign against the Taliban militants in her memoir 'I Am Malala'. REUTERS/Olivia Harris

ISLAMABAD Nov. 12: The All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) launched a book titled ‘I Am Not Malala’ as a rebuttal to the autobiography of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, a  young Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban in October 2012, reported The Nation on Nov. 11.

“‘I am not Malala, I am Muslim, I am Pakistani’ is a story of gallant Pakistani daughters and sons who take pride in being Pakistanis unlike Malala,” said Mirza Kashif Ali, President of APPSF and author of the book.

Ali said that the aim of the book is to reveal the truth, counter “anti-Islamic propaganda” and expose the “nefarious designs of anti-Islam forces.”

The association has banned ‘I Am Malala’ in all 173,000 private schools it represents for being too controversial, and will lobby for the court to ban the book across the country.

The book questions the world’s motives for showering Yousafzai with awards including the Nobel Peace Price, and says there are others more worthy of these laurels. Citing the Peshawar Army Public School massacre by Taliban that left 132 schoolchildren dead, as well as the school’s principal who died trying to save her students, the book says these are true patriots who continue to attend the school despite the atrocity. The book also praises Aitzaz Hasan, a student from Hangu who laid his life on the line tackling a suicide bomber who came to attack the school.

Ali criticized Yousafzai for failing to condemn Salman Rushdie’s “blasphemous sketches” and for defending his novel “Satanic Verses” as freedom of expression. “Malala is the darling of the West and Shiv Sena. Those who created al Qaeda and ISIS created Malala,” Ali said. He also questioned her failure to “utter a single word” against Israeli aggression in Gaza or the atrocities committed by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Ali said that the APPSF are not against Yousafzai herself, adding that the association and its entire staff and students went on a countrywide strike in solidarity when she was attacked by the Taliban. “We are not against her but the ideology being imposed on us by such traitors and billions of dollars of Malala Fund are being used for this to introduce secular curriculum,” said Ali.

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