June 22nd Issue

Ramadan With Refugees

BY Jillian Kestler-D’Amours and Arfa Shahid Nour Al Raies, a refugee from Homs, Syria, says she misses the adhan, the call to prayer, the most. “We miss the sound of the adhan which would come from the mosque announcing the breaking of our fast. You know, each passing day we feel nostalgic for the days of Ramadan in our home country,” Raies, tells Newsweek Middle East. Raies and her family—her husband and four children, two boys and two girls aged between 14 years and 15 months old—are spending their first Ramadan outside of Syria, after being resettled in Calgary last December. “It’s so hard for us also to start our special month, Ramadan, away from our families and friends and also away from our home country,” she says. Canada has welcomed more than 27,500 Syrian refugees since late last yea (Read More)

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Test of Faith

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