June 8th Issue

India: Modi’s Report Card

Two years into his reign, the triumphalism of India’s man Friday is paying off By Jyoti Malhotra India's Modi government is nothing if not bullish about its progress. “From the policy paralysis that we inherited when we came to power in mid-2014 to becoming the fastest growing economy in the world is no mean achievement,” India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told Newsweek Middle East, adding “especially when this happens in the midst of a global slowdown.” As two years in power draw to a close, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s report card is checkered. His foreign policy successes may sit firmly atop his wins, but progress on the domestic front, however, is less certain. Jaitley was not entirely wrong; Modi’s government has ensured that foreign direct investment into India has hit $31 billion, overtaking China and the U.S. in 2015, to become the world’s top investment destination, compared t (Read More)

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Muhammad Ali: Rumble, Young Man

Muhammad Ali's passing signals the end of an era  BY Asma T. Uddin “Rumble, young man, rumble.” Muhammad Ali, three-time world…


Senegal: School of Knocks

Some Quranic teachers in Senegal have turned an ancient tradition into a modern form of slavery Photographs by Mario Cruz Text…

GCC: Summer Is Coming

The Gulf’s forthcoming reforms bode well for the future BY Tarek Fadlallah The contrarian case for making tactically positive trades during Gulf…

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