Kurdish Pilot Becomes First Female Directing Iraqi Airways Flights

ERBIL— May 15: A Danish- Kurdish pilot from Sulaimaniyah assigned to the Iraqi Airways has become the first female to pilot  a Boeing 737 jet airliner in Iraq, operating flights in the national carrier, a state news agency reported.

Warte Abubakir, 26, signed the contract for her assignment in the Iraqi Airways a few days ago. Her first flights with the country’s national airline will be to the neighboring countries of Jordan and Lebanon as well as Egypt.

Abubakir obtained her degree in aviation and pilot studies from Denmark in 2015.

“She is the first woman to fly a Boeing 737 in Iraq,” Dana Mohammed, media officer in the public relations department at Sulaimani International Airport, told state news agency Rudaw English.
Warte Abubakir Ali, 26, had earned her certificate in civil aviation in 2015 in Denmark.

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