March 23rd Issue

Yemen: The Abandoned Animals of Taiz

Yemen’s animals have few protectors. Some are even in danger of extinction By Nasser Al Sakkaf THE citizens of Yemen’s Taiz city have been dealt many blows in recent months. Conflict, hunger, isolation and struggle dominate the city’s streets. But they are not the only ones affected by the conflict, which escalated in March 2015. Yemen’s animals, too, are the silent victims of airstrikes, sieges and the internecine conflict that continues to rage on, unabated. Most suffer from a lack of food and medical supplies. Zoo animals, abandoned pets and farm livestock: all face a certain imminent fate if nothing is done to save them. In the city zoo, located in Al Hawban, north of Taiz City, which is under the control of Houthi rebels, some 280 animals were left to starve to death when employees fled the facility, abandoning its vulnerable residents without food or medicine. The sight of the caged animals is nothing short of he (Read More)

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