Muslim Cyclists Biking Across Nine Countries Finally Reach Saudi Arabia for Hajj

Eight British Muslims have arrived in Saudi Arabia for Hajj after five weeks of cycling across nine countries and 3,200 kilometres.

Known as the “Hajj Riders,” the eight men started from the East London Mosque in the British capital and biked through the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Greece and Egypt before arriving in Saudi Arabia for the sacred Islamic pilgrimage.

The men’s epic journey was also intended to raise money for medical facilities within Syria, with the goal of gathering 1 million British pounds. Donations are being collected via the group’s website.

Upon arrival, the Hajj Riders were welcomed into the Saudi city of Medinah with flowers petals and hugs by the locals.

The eight men have been documenting their cycling journey on Human Aid U.K.’s YouTube channel through vlogs based in different cities.

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