November 5th Issue

Yemen: Girls With Guns

Female university students join the resistance BY Nasser Al Sakkaf By most measures, Amal Al Wafi is like most college students. She wakes each morning at 7, boards the bus and studies hard to earn her administration degree at Taiz University, hoping it will earn her a position as a manager someday. But since renewed fighting caused her school to close in April, Amal Al Wafi has pursued a decidedly different curriculum: learning how to shoot guns at Houthi fighters to protect her hometown. “I am [an] educated girl. I have a diploma in secretarial work and a diploma in English. However, I am willing to fight on the frontlines to protect Taiz from the invaders and to tell the world that we will not let the Houthis take over the cultural capital of Yemen,” the 20-year-old tells Newsweek Middle East. Al Wafi is part of a larger trend of female fighters joining the fight in Yemen as civil war between the northern Yemeni (Read More)

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