One Syrian Youth Killed as Turkish Troops Open Fire at Border

United States-led coalition warplanes killed 20 Daesh State militants in Syria over the last 24 hours, the Turkish military said on Tuesday, nearly two months into a Turkey-backed rebel operation to drive the jihadists away from the border.

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey, Oct 6 – A 15-year-old Syrian boy was killed and two men were wounded when Turkish soldiers opened fire on them as they tried to cross the border into Turkey, security sources said on Thursday.

Turkish soldiers fired on the three Syrians on Wednesday evening after issuing several warnings as they crossed the border near the Syrian town of ad Darbasiyah into the Kiziltepe district of Turkey’s Mardin province, the sources said.

The incident occurred as Turkey tightens security at the border. It aims to completely seal off the 911-km (566-mile) frontier by next spring with the construction of a concrete wall topped with razor wire.

Officials have said the wall aims to stop illegal migration from Syria into Turkey, which already hosts nearly 3 million Syrian refugees who have fled the conflict there.

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