Rob Lowe Gets Slammed for “Insensitive” Tweets After Paris Attack

American actor Rob Lowe has caused outrage on social media after posting controversial tweets following Friday’s attacks in Paris. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

American TV actor Rob Lowe has come under fire for his tweets about the Paris attacks that killed at least 127 people on Friday.

Lowe has been slammed for tweets about and after French President Francois Hollande’s speech shortly following the attacks in Paris.

Lowe first tweeted “Viva La France” ostensibly to voice his solidarity with the victims. This was followed by “Oh NOW France closes its borders” an apparent reference to Hollande’s remarks in his televised address where he announced the sealing of his country’s borders. Following that, he tweeted about the president’s speech saying: “This is either the worst translation of an important speech ever, or one of the worst given.”

Lowe was met with a barrage of criticism for his remarks with people calling his tweet(s) “the worst of all time” or “heartless.”

He came under attack from fans calling him out for his “insensitive” remarks.

Twitter user Ian Cardoni tweeted “Oh come on Rob. Refugees fleeing to Europe were escaping a whole country filled with this kind of chaos.”

An infuriated Ryan Cooper tweeted: “Your career has been on a consistent slide since the West Wing, and it’s because you’re an atrocious human being.”

Some used the opportunity to make digs at Lowe’s Direct TV ad campaign which featured two personas of the actor: Super Creepy Rob Lowe and Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe.

Twitter user Sarah Ford tweeted: “I’m TV Rob Lowe, I’m a funny and generally likeable guy. And I’m Twitter Rob Lowe, I offer deplorable racist hot takes on unfolding crises.”

Adding to the many comments about refugees that Lowe’s tweets prompted, writer Ali A. Rizvi posted: “This isn’t a refugee problem, it’s a homegrown European Islamism problem,” says ‪@MaajidNawaz rightly. ‪#JihadiJohn was no refugee, ‪@RobLowe.”

Lowe tried to defend his views by explaining that he was a former resident of the European nation and felt a particular affiliation for it. “Lived in France, and spend a ton of time there. Been in that stadium. This is all so devastatingly sad for a place I love.”

That tweet, however, did not reduce the heat users on social media felt towards him.

Patrick Studwick tweeted: “Lowe by name, low by nature.”

The former Parks and Recreation actor, who is currently appearing in the sitcom The Grindr, did receive some support. Actor Scott Baio came to his defense with his tweet:

“Bravo ‪@RobLowe Bravo! I’m with you. ‪#CloseOurBorders ‪#PrayForParis.”

Twitter user Pat Peters, PhD, whose bio states “Obama care more about Muslims than Americans … Ban Muslim Brotherhood” posted “Rob Lowe Tweets Obvious Truth About ‪#ParisAttacks; Leftist Heads Explode”

But not all Hollywood actors are the same. It seems The Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo seems to have shown the sensitivity that many people look for during times of crises with his tweet: “Don’t allow this horrific act allow you to be drawn into the loss of your humanity or tolerance. That is the intended outcome. ‪#ParisAttacks.” Since posting it on Friday night, it has been retweeted 45,000 times.





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