3d printing

Dubai: Printing the Future

Dubai’s first fully functional 3D printed office took a mere 17 days to build. Find out more: http://newsweekme.com/printing-the-future/ Social Streams

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Out of 3-D Ink

BY Arvind Dilawar January 3, 2014, was a momentous day for the 3-D printing industry. The stocks of two of its leading companies, 3D Systems and Stratasys, peaked after nearly 30 years in business, and hopes were high for the technology. Most thought it would democratize manufacturing, allowing consumers to produce customizable goods from their

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Dubai: Printing The Future

Dubai’s new 3D printed building might just set the stage for sweeping change across the construction landscape By Ali Khaled Photographs by Museum of the Future Last week, a trailer for summer blockbuster Star Trek created a buzz on social media as it tantalizingly showcased some stunning glimpses of scenes shot in a futuristic city

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