afghan women

Most Afghan Women Serve Sentences in Elders’ Homes, Not Prisons

By Mohammadullah Himatyar SHARANA, Afghanistan, Oct 11 – When 18-year-old Fawzia was convicted of elopement and adultery, a local Afghan court in the southeastern province of Paktika sentenced her to jail. She soon discovered that she would not be serving the 18-month sentence in a government-run prison, but in the house of a tribal elder

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An Afghan Idol

A female contestant on a TV talent show threw off her burqa and sang about domestic violence BY Danielle Moylan   As the band began playing a Latin-style beat, only Sahar Arian’s silhouette was visible to TV audiences across Afghanistan. Slumped onstage, microphone in hand, she began singing cloaked in darkness. “Poets only see my

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