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Civilian Casualties Increase as Afghan Troops Battle Taliban

By Josh Smith KABUL, July 25 – Civilians are being killed and wounded in record numbers in Afghanistan, the United Nations reported on Monday, just days after one of the deadliest attacks ever in Kabul. Overall at least 1,601 civilians were killed and 3,565 wounded in the war in the first six months of 2016,

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Taliban Attacks Threaten Disputed Afghan District Centre

LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan, July 20 – Afghan security forces backed by U.S. air strikes have beaten back Taliban attacks on a vulnerable southern district, government officials said on Wednesday, after a relative lull in fighting over the month of Ramadan. In recent days, Taliban forces launched attacks on the Sangin district centre, an outpost in

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Zero-Tolerance Policy

Pakistan’s war on terror has reached a decisive phase and promises to redefine the way the world looks at the embattled country. By Dr. Shahid Masood When geostrategy shapes regional conflicts, extremism seamlessly molds into terrorism. This has unfortunately been Pakistan’s reality for over a decade now. In the midst of an uncertain and shifting economic

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