Al Assad

Israeli Military Says They Attacked Two Syrian Army Targets

JERUSALEM, July 4 (Reuters) – Israel attacked Syrian army targets after errant fire from fighting in Syria’s civil war struck the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, the military said on Monday. A spokeswoman said two targets belonging to the Syrian military were hit overnight after the fire damaged Israel’s security fence on the Golan, territory captured from

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Assad’s Uncle Under Investigation in France

PARIS, June 28 – A French judge has placed an uncle of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad under formal investigation on suspicion of tax fraud and money-laundering, a source close to the case said on Tuesday. Suspected of having acquired his wealth in France illegally, Rifaat al-Assad, a political opponent of his nephew, was placed under

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Is Russia Changing Its Stance on Syria’s Assad?

BY Jack Stubbs and Polina Devitt MOSCOW (Reuters) Russia does not see keeping Bashar Al Assad in power as a matter of principle, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Tuesday in comments that suggested a divergence of opinion with Iran, the Syrian president’s other main international backer. Fuelling speculation of Russian-Iranian differences over Assad,

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