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Iran Parliament Speaker Snubs German Minister on Visit

By Gernot Heller TEHRAN, Oct 4 – The speaker of Iran‘s parliament, Ali Larijani, cancelled talks with German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Tuesday during his high-profile trip to Tehran, snubbing the German who had earlier stressed the need for reform in the Islamic Republic. Larijani, seen as a moderate conservative in Iran, was the

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Iran Assembly Head Wins Initial Re-Rlection Vote: State Media

DUBAI, May 29 – Moderate conservative Ali Larijani was re-elected on Sunday as the temporary speaker of Iran’s new parliament which is dominated by first-term deputies. Larijani, who had cooperated closely with the government of pragmatist President Hassan Rouhani in approving Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers last year, won 173 votes in the 290-seat

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