McDonald’s Investor Renews Push for Antibiotic Reduction in All Meat

By Lisa Baertlein A McDonald’s Corp shareholder is redoubling efforts to convince the fast-food chain to stop all of its global restaurants from serving the meat of animals raised with antibiotics that are vital for fighting human infections. More than 70 percent of medically important antibiotics in the United States are sold for livestock use.

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Syrian Superbugs: The End of Antibiotics

Bashar Al Assad’s war in Syria could produce something far more deadly than DAESH: the end of antibiotics BY Peter Schwartzstein Mohammed Abu Ara is the face of a grave new threat, but propped up on his bed in an airy segregated hospital ward in Jordan, there’s not a hint of menace about him. With his

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New Incentives Needed to Develop Antibiotics to Fight Superbugs

By Bill Berkrot NEW YORK, May 29 – Drugmakers are renewing efforts to develop medicines to fight emerging antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but creating new classes of drugs on the scale needed is unlikely to happen without new financial incentives to make the effort worth the investment, companies and industry experts said. American military researchers on Thursday

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