apple vs. feds

Justice Department Asks Judge to Revisit NY iPhone Case

By Julia Edwards WASHINGTON, March 8- The U.S. Justice Department on Monday sought to overturn a ruling which protects Apple from unlocking an iPhone in a New York drug case. A magistrate judge in Brooklyn last week ruled that the Justice Department could not compel the tech giant to unlock the phone. The government on

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Police Say Criminals Like Apple iPhones Because of Encryption

By Dan Levine March 4 – Some criminals have switched to new iPhones as their “device of choice” to commit wrongdoing due to strong encryption Apple Inc has placed on their products, three law enforcement groups said in a court filing. The groups told a judge overseeing Apple’s battle with the U.S. Department of Justice

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U.S. Tech Companies Unite Behind Apple Ahead of iPhone Encryption Ruling

By Jim Finkle and Dustin Volz March 3 – Tech industry leaders including Alphabet Inc’s Google, Facebook Inc, Microsoft Corp , AT&T and more than two dozen other Internet and technology companies filed legal briefs on Thursday asking a judge to support Apple Inc in its encryption battle with the U.S. government. The rare display

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