arab youth

Innovative Young Arabs

The region’s youth are creating new opportunities via social media By Jessy El Murr To say that young Arabs today lack serious opportunities would be the understatement of the century. For millions of Arab youth (about 105 million of them), the outlook consistently looks bleaker. This year’s Arab Human Development Report placed the region’s youth

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Arab Youth and the Bleak Future That Awaits

By Amro Zakaria Abdu Twenty-five years ago the Berlin Wall fell, ushering an end to the Soviet Union and the genesis of a “New World Order” as described by George Bush Sr during his address to the U.S. congress in 1991. As a result, many countries, particularly in the Arab region, lost significant political stature and

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Fly With Me

A young woman with a popular YouTube travel channel recounts how her decision to quit her job to pursue her dreams helped her lead an authentic life  By Haifa Beseisso  I didn’t expect the feedback on the video or the messages from people asking me how I did it; that they wished they could do

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