Egypt’s Own: Repatriation of Antiquities Proves to be a Mammoth Task

The repatriation of antiquities has been hard, and thousands of smuggled pieces continue to be out of reach  BY Sarah El Shaarawi  In 1815, an Italian strongman-turned-explorer and archaeologist of Egyptian antiquities, Giovanni Belzoni, traveled to Thebes, upper Egypt to extract the Younger Memnon, a more than seven-ton granite statue depicting the head of the young

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Archaeologists Vs. Robbers in Israel’s Race to Find Ancient Scrolls

By Ari Rabinovitch TZEELIM VALLEY, Israel, June 2 – The disposable paper face masks offer little protection from the clouds of dust that fill the cliffside cave where Israeli archaeologists are wrapping up the largest excavation in the Judean desert of the past half-century. Clipped into safety harnesses, volunteers stand at the cave opening, 250

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Assad Calls on U.N. to Help Restore Ancient Palmyra

BEIRUT, March 30 – President Bashar al-Assad called on the United Nations and other international organisations on Wednesday to help Syria to restore Palmyra after government forces drove Daesh militants out of the ancient city. State news agency SANA said Assad made the appeal in a message to Ban Ki-moon, in which he also thanked

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