Baal Shamin

Syrian Army Claims Daesh Planted Thousands of Mines in Palmyra

By Firas Makdesi PALMYRA, Syria, April 3 – Daesh militants retreating from Palmyra laid thousands of mines that they planned to set off simultaneously as the army moved in, a Syrian officer told Reuters in the ancient city after its recapture from the jihadist fighters. The officer said main streets and side roads in Palmyra had been rigged with explosives weighing

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Syrian Army, With Russian Air Support, Advances Inside Palmyra

By Dominic Evans BEIRUT, March 27 – Syrian government forces advanced into Palmyra on Saturday with heavy support from Russian air strikes, taking control of several districts in a major assault against Daesh fighters, Syrian state media and a monitoring group said. Television footage showed waves of explosions inside Palmyra and smoke rising from buildings, as tanks and armoured

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Syria Government Says Will Restore Ancient Palmyra

By Kinda Makieh DAMASCUS, March 27 – Palmyra’s ancient Roman temples and archway, blown up by Daesh fighters last year, will be restored once Syria recaptures the city from the ultra-hardline Islamist group, the head of the antiquities authority said on Saturday. Mamoun Abdelkarim told Reuters he hoped Palmyra would be retaken within days, after government forces fought their

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