Iraq’s Abadi Keeps Iran at Arm’s Length in War On Daesh

By Maher Chmaytelli BAGHDAD, Feb 21 – As fighting in Iraq raged last summer, Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani came across unexpected opposition to his plans to defeat Daesh. Soleimani is the commander of Iran’s Al Quds brigade and has been a key figure in the fight against the Sunni Islamist group in Iraq. That fight

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Dancing with Daesh

Former Baathists are backing out of their dalliance with the terrorist militia BY Suadad Al Salhy On June 6, 2014, when militants of the terrorist group Daesh attacked Mosul, the second-largest Iraqi city, they numbered no more than a few hundred. The militants seized control over five neighborhoods in the western part of the city, easily

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