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Bangladesh Central Bank Ends FireEye Investigation into Cyber Heist

DHAKA, June 27 – Bangladesh’s central bank has ended a contract with U.S. cyber security firm FireEye to investigate February’s online theft of $81 million, turning down a proposal to extend the agreement, a senior official said on Monday. More than four months after hackers broke into the computer systems of Bangladesh Bank and transferred

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For Bank Heist Hackers, the Philippines Was a Handy Black Hole

By John Chalmers and Karen Lema MANILA, March 21 – In February 2013, the Philippines was up against a deadline to amend its Anti-Money Laundering Act and get itself off the ‘grey list’ of a global watchdog, and lawmakers were bickering over whether to include casinos under the legislation. With one day to go, a

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Software, Printer Problems Delayed Discovery of Bangladesh Heist

By Serajul Quadir DHAKA, March 17 – The cyber thieves who stole $81 million from Bangladesh Bank hid their tracks by installing malware that manipulated a central bank printer to hide evidence of the heist, according to a person familiar with the investigation. Earlier, two central bank officials filed a police report that said that

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