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UK’s Hammond: Brexit Path Might Be Clearer Later This Year

CHENGDU, China, July 24 – Britain’s new finance minister Philip Hammond sought to address concerns among global finance chiefs about the uncertain path ahead for the country’s exit from the European Union, saying there could be more clarity later this year. But Hammond also warned that volatility in financial markets was possible throughout the two-year

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Brexit and Protectionism: Two More Nails in Globalization’s Coffin

BY Christopher Dembik The globalization process has clearly stopped. The evolution of international trade in volume is close to its lowest level, which is the best proof that globalization is not working so well anymore. Not only this, but also the glorious period of the 2000s, which corresponds to a time of accelerated globalization as a

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Business Outlook: What’s on Tap for Investors in July?

BY Christopher Dembik Traditionally, July is a relatively stable month for investors. However, in recent years, they have learned the hard way that there is no longer a quiet summer in financial markets. Investors will have to watch out for three main events next month that can influence financial assets. Fed on Standby The first

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