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Brexit and Protectionism: Two More Nails in Globalization’s Coffin

BY Christopher Dembik The globalization process has clearly stopped. The evolution of international trade in volume is close to its lowest level, which is the best proof that globalization is not working so well anymore. Not only this, but also the glorious period of the 2000s, which corresponds to a time of accelerated globalization as a

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British Celebrities Back Remaining in EU in Letter to Newspaper

LONDON, May 20 – British actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Helena Bonham Carter are among more than 250 celebrities from the arts world who have signed a letter urging Britons to vote to remain in the European Union. Some of Britain’s best-known artists, musicians and writers are also signatories to the letter

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British Business Bosses Say Exit from EU Would Hit Economy and Jobs

By Kate Holton and James Davey LONDON, Feb 23 – The bosses at more than a third of Britain’s biggest companies said on Tuesday leaving the European Union would put the economy at risk, backing Prime Minister David Cameron’s call for Britain to vote to stay in the June referendum. The pound posted its biggest

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