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Sadiq Khan Exclusive: Britain is Stronger in the EU

BY Sadiq Khan On June 23, Britain will make the most important political decision the country has made in a generation. The European Union referendum will have far-reaching consequences, and the stakes could not be higher. The Leave campaign has tried to dismiss the economic arguments. But when you strip away the rhetoric and the myths,

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What Would Brexit Mean for Middle East Investors?

EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSWEEK MIDDLE EAST By Christopher Dembik The vast majority of economists consider that Brexit will be an economic disaster for the United Kingdom, at least in the short and medium term. It is extremely difficult – almost impossible – to predict the exact impact on economic growth and on the sterling pound. If

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Polls Suggest Britain Likely to Vote to Remain in E.U.

By Estelle Shirbon LONDON, Feb 24 – The “in” camp is ahead by a 12-point lead ahead of a referendum on whether Britain should stay in or withdraw from the European Union, but the gap has narrowed, according to the latest opinion poll. Support for staying in stood at 51 percent, while 39 percent wanted

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