Saudi’s Nimr Al Nimr: A Martyr or Terrorist?

BY Hussein Shobokshi Saudi Arabia’s recent execution of 47 terrorists—45 of whom were Saudi nationals—sent a loud and clear message: that there will be absolutely zero tolerance for terrorism, extremism or sectarianism in the Kingdom. Many Saudis reaction to the news was one of relief as it brought a sense of closure to an ugly

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Iran Reacts With Fury after Saudis Execute Shiite Cleric

By Sam Wilkin and Angus McDowall DUBAI/RIYADH, Jan 3 – Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi Embassy in Tehran early on Sunday morning as Shiite Muslim Iran reacted with fury to Saudi Arabia’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric. Demonstrators who had massed at the embassy gates to protest at Nimr Al Nimr’s execution broke into

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