For Bank Heist Hackers, the Philippines Was a Handy Black Hole

By John Chalmers and Karen Lema MANILA, March 21 – In February 2013, the Philippines was up against a deadline to amend its Anti-Money Laundering Act and get itself off the ‘grey list’ of a global watchdog, and lawmakers were bickering over whether to include casinos under the legislation. With one day to go, a

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Cyber-Attacks: Better Safe Than Sorry

Finding an effective weapon to thwart cyber-attacks BY Aji Joseph A few months ago, when cybercrime and extortion organization DD4BC, which stands for ‘DDoS for bitcoin,’ hacked into some of the U.K.’s leading banks and demanded ransom in bitcoins to avoid a total takedown of the system, it was just one in a long list of rising

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