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German Police Arrest Syrian Migrant Teen with Daesh Links

BERLIN, Sept 21 – German police said on Wednesday that initial investigations into a 16-year-old Syrian arrested at a refugee hostel near Cologne showed that the suspect had contact with someone who had links to the militant group Daesh. It was unclear whether the teenager, who police said appeared to have been radicalised recently, was planning

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Germany to Present Raft of Security Measures After July Attacks: Media

By Caroline Copley BERLIN, Aug 10 – Germany’s interior minister will propose a raft of new security measures, including speedier deportations of foreign nationals, following a spate of attacks in July that shook the nation, German media reported on Wednesday. In five separate attacks from July 18 to July 26, 15 people were killed and

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Bavarian Bomber Pledged Allegiance to Daesh – Minister

By Andreas Burger ANSBACH, Germany, July 25 (Reuters) – The Syrian who blew himself up in southern Germany, wounding 15 people, had pledged allegiance to Daesh on a video found on his mobile phone, the Bavarian interior minister said on Monday. “A provisional translation by an interpreter shows that he expressly announces, in the name

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