U.S. Firm to De-mine Iraqi City of Ramadi Retaken From Daesh

By Stephen Kalin BAGHDAD, April 5 – A U.S. de-mining company is removing explosives and training Iraqis to dismantle the devices planted by Daesh in the largest Iraqi city retaken from the militants, a diplomat and two U.S. officials said on Monday. Hundreds of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted throughout the streets and buildings of Ramadi, 100

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Syrian Army Claims Daesh Planted Thousands of Mines in Palmyra

By Firas Makdesi PALMYRA, Syria, April 3 – Daesh militants retreating from Palmyra laid thousands of mines that they planned to set off simultaneously as the army moved in, a Syrian officer told Reuters in the ancient city after its recapture from the jihadist fighters. The officer said main streets and side roads in Palmyra had been rigged with explosives weighing

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