Destitute Migrants Pile Up in Djibouti as Yemen Sends Boats Back

By Tom Miles GENEVA, Oct 15 – Thousands of Ethiopians trekking through desert heat and war in Yemen for the sake of a low-paid job in Saudi Arabia risk getting stuck in an overcrowded migrant camp in Djibouti, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday. Three boatloads have recently been returned from the

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Somalia: Hope Springs

Drought-hit Somalia reaches a tipping point By Sagal Abshir Fatima Jibrell’s bleak outlook is evident. “We have no drinking water in Badhan today.” For the pastoralists of Somalia, only dirty, expensive water is for sale, brought in over dirt roads by truck in the scorching heat. Not a single one of the four boreholes in

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Djibouti Opposition Claims At Least 19 Dead in Violence

DJIBOUTI, Dec 22 – A Djibouti opposition group said at least 19 people were killed in clashes with police that began when people were marking a religious celebration, while the government said just nine people were wounded when police fought armed individuals. The rival accounts made it difficult to determine what was precisely the cause

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