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Ramadan Around The World

A look at how Ramadan is celebrated across the world. BY Arfa Shahid UNITED COLORS OF ISLAM: Muslim worshippers stretch their hands to touch the door of Kaaba, Islam’s holiest site in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It was rebuilt by Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) after elements of nature eroded its foundation. PRAYING FOR PEACE: A Palestinian girl prays in front of the

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The Ongoing Fight For Al-Aqsa

A bitter conflict between Palestinians and Israelis BY Maher Abukhater JERUSALEM— A group of people clad in traditional Jewish religious attire slowly made its way across Al-Aqsa mosque’s courtyard escorted by armed police forces and tens of anxious Palestinian worshippers’ eyes. Behind calm masks lay anticipation. In Jerusalem, there’s really no telling when the existing

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