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Trump Touched Us Inappropriately, Two Women Tell New York Times

By Roberta Rampton and Emily Flitter WASHINGTON, Oct 13 – Two women accused Donald Trump of inappropriate touching in a story published on Wednesday by the New York Times, claims his spokesman called “fiction” but which may further damage the Republican presidential nominee’s chances of winning the White House just four weeks before the Nov.

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Grand OId Party Pooper

An open letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan on why backing Trump will gut the Republican Party for decades By Kurt Eichenwald Speaker Ryan: This presidential campaign has raised a few crucial questions, ones you are uniquely qualified to answer: What does the Republican Party stand for? And how much damage is it willing to inflict

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Trump to Give Speech on Illegal Immigration on Wednesday

WASHINGTON, Aug 28 – U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday night that he would make a major speech on illegal immigration in Arizona on Wednesday. The announcement came a day after Trump said he would crack down on illegal immigrants who overstay their visas, as he sought to clarify his views on

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