Unauthorized Drone Activity Forces Closure of Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport was forced to shut down between 8:05 am and 8:35 am (UAE local time) on Wednesday, September 28 due to unauthorized drone activity. The incident is the latest in a string of airport closures caused by drones in Dubai. An eyewitness reported 21 planes were backed up on the runway and there were

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Don’t Count On Technology to Save You in a Disaster

By Megan Rowling BARCELONA, Aug 25  – Newfound enthusiasm for the latest technologies, such as drones and smartphones, to improve the way aid is provided to people in disasters may be overblown, experts warned on Thursday. The annual World Risk Report from the United Nations University (UNU) highlights the growing interest in new technologies to

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Afghanistan Orders Curbs on Media’s Use of Drones

By Mirwais Harooni KABUL, June 8 – In a country known for the widespread use of military unmanned aircraft, the Afghan government on Wednesday moved to restrict the use of camera drones by media companies. The Interior Ministry announced the policy, citing national security. “The Interior Ministry, with all respect it has to media, respectfully

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