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Cafe Riche: An Ode to a Bygone Cairo

By Salma Islam Photos by Hany Maher The wooden door opens and a smart looking gentleman in a grey suit and a black briefcase in tow walks in, greets the staff, and makes a beeline for an empty table near the back of the long, narrow restaurant. He doesn’t wait long. He is soon joined by

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Riot Police Fill Streets as Egypt Braces for Austerity Protests

By Ahmed Aboulenein CAIRO, Nov 11 – Riot police and armoured vehicles filled the otherwise empty streets of central Cairo early on Friday as security forces built up a heavy presence in anticipation of popular protests over deteriorating economic conditions. A little-known group calling itself Movement of the Poor has called for Egyptians to protest

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After University Crackdown, Egyptian Students Fear for Their Future

By Amina Ismail CAIRO, June 1 – In June 2014, 23-year-old engineering student Mohammed Badawy was expelled from Cairo University. The university said it ejected him for obstructing the education process, and for rioting and destruction at a protest against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s government. Badawy said it was because he protested against the government

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