egyptian revolution

Cafe Riche: An Ode to a Bygone Cairo

By Salma Islam Photos by Hany Maher The wooden door opens and a smart looking gentleman in a grey suit and a black briefcase in tow walks in, greets the staff, and makes a beeline for an empty table near the back of the long, narrow restaurant. He doesn’t wait long. He is soon joined by

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Egypt: Our Daily Bread

Egypt’s hive of small, unregulated businesses are keeping the nation afloat By Safa Joudeh A particular brand of urban entrepreneurship is keeping food on the table for millions, as a hard currency crisis has crippled Egypt’s business activity in recent months. Unregulated, untaxed businesses are operating in the shadow of the state, making up a large

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Egypt: A Faltering Revolution

Egypt’s security forces still haven’t got it right By H. A. Hellyer I remember all too clearly the day I met Bassem Sabry. We’d been in touch over social media for quite a while; we had many friends in common, but our paths had never crossed in person. Social media in Egypt, in 2012, was already a

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