european central bank

Business Outlook: All Eyes on the Central Bank

BY Christopher Dembik  September will be a busy month for investors given that nearly thirty main central bank meetings are scheduled this month. Since the Bank of England’s (BoE) last policy announcement, the total monthly amount in official global Quantitative Easing (QE) has reached almost 200 billion dollars, which corresponds to the cost of the war

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Business: The Week Ahead

It is all about inflation and oil BY Nour Eldeen Al Hammoury Global markets are still witnessing a period of fluctuation that is likely to continue ahead of key events and economic releases throughout the week of April 10 to 17. This fluctuation is supported by the dovish tone echoed by some central banks, including

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Time for Calm and Hard Data

BY NourEldeen Al Hammoury Global equity, commodity and foreign exchange, markets have experienced exceptional volatility since the beginning of 2016, driven by two main factors: concerns over growth in China and the drop in oil prices. Both factors have led to uncertainty and very nervous trading, which has wiped billions of dollars from the main markets.

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