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Iraq’s Shiite Militiamen Stir Unease in Sunni Falluja

By Stephen Kalin FALLUJA, Iraq, July 4 – A highway overpass in central Falluja, from which Daesh militants hanged a captured Iraqi soldier last year, bears the marks of the city’s latest victors, including a slogan scrawled in green spray paint: “The state of (Imam) Hussein remains.” The overtly Shi’ite Muslim phrase, which appears to mimic Daesh’s

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Shiite Militia Leader Voices Dismay at Falluja War Operations: TV

BAGHDAD, June 6 – The leader of the largest Iraqi Shiite paramilitary group has criticised a lack of “precise planning” in war operations to capture Falluja, the stronghold of Daesh near Baghdad. Hadi Al Amiri’s comments, in an interview with Al-Sumaria TV on Sunday, make him the second Shiite militia leader to voice dismay at

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The Fight For Fallujah

Iraq’s army conducts an offensive to retake Daesh’s stronghold in Anbar BY Suadad Al Salhy and Mohammed A. Salih On May 22, Iraq’s Prime Minister, Haider Al Abadi announced the launch of a military offensive dubbed the “Break Up of Terrorism” to retake Fallujah, Daesh’s strategic stronghold in the Anbar province, and the first city to fall into

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