Depp Back as Mad Hatter in “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

LONDON, May 11 – Hollywood star Johnny Depp returns as the flamboyant Mad Hatter in “Alice Through the Looking Glass” for more big screen fantasy adventures inspired by the much loved stories by Lewis Carroll. The movie follows on from the 2010 box office hit “Alice in Wonderland”, which starred Depp alongside Australian actress Mia

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Galactic Hopes for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES, Dec 5 – The new installment in the Star Wars movie saga opens in theaters this month against a formidable force: the galactic hopes of devoted fans who have waited a decade to revisit their beloved universe of Jedi, droids and lightsabers. Can The Force Awakens, the seventh episode in the celebrated

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