This Week in History: November 9 – November 13

Key events that shaped our social, political and cultural history By Arfa Shahid  November 12, 1996: Charkhi Dadri Mid-Air Collision The Charkhi Dadri incident is considered the deadliest mid-air collision to date. A Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 en route from Delhi to Dhahran, and a Kazakh Ilyushin Il-76 cargo en route from Chimkent to Delhi collided

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Pakistani Clerics Declare ‘Honor Killing’ Against Islam

By Mubasher Bukhari LAHORE, Pakistan, June 13 – A group of Pakistani clerics has issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, declaring “honor killing” over perceived damage to a family’s reputation against the teaching of Islam, and anyone who carries out such an attack a heretic. Hundreds of Pakistanis, the vast majority women and girls, are

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