female health

It is an Issue, Period!

Yes, it’s an emergency! By Arfa Shahid Here’s the thing about menstruation—it hurts. Period cramps are uncomfortable for women in general, but for those diagnosed with dysmenorrhea, the pain is debilitating and cramps leave you doubled over, unable to move. For many, it directly impacts their everyday activity. Dysmenorrhea is often accompanied by menorrhagia—extremely heavy

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Men Join Campaigns in India Against FGM Rituals Among the Bohra

By Rina Chandran MUMBAI, March 17  – Men in India and Pakistan are joining a campaign to end female genital mutilation (FGM), adding greater heft to the movement in the deeply patriarchal Dawoodi Bohra community. Little is known about FGM in India where the ritual is carried out in great secrecy by the close-knit Shi’ite

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