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Reel Progress

Nahla Al Fahad’s take on the hijab has won critical acclaim BY Arfa Shahid In a conversation with Newsweek Middle East, Emirati filmmaker, director and producer, Nahla Al Fahad, is contemplative. A packed schedule and constant travelling have not fazed Fahad, who is now known for her Oscar-shortlisted hijab documentary, The Tainted Veil. Fahad had known

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Shattered Promises

Iranian filmmakers excel abroad despite theocratic censorship back home BY Roshanak Taghavi When Ayatollah Khomeini ascended to power in the aftermath of Iran’s 1979 Revolution, he promised people a new paradise on Earth: social and economic prosperity, freedom of expression for everybody, and a strong, independent nation. Amidst an atmosphere of war with Iraq and violent

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