garbage crisis

Lebanese Minister Says Garbage Crisis “99 Percent Solved”

BEIRUT, March 12 – Lebanon‘s Interior Minister Nohad Machnouk said on Friday the country’s rubbish crisis had been “99 percent solved” at a government committee meeting on the issue. The Lebanese National News Agency quoted Machnouk and reported there would be a cabinet meeting on Saturday to finalize the agreement. It gave no further details. Politicians’

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A Talented Life

One Syrian refugee recycles pieces of garbage into works of diorama BY Mostapha Raad Four years ago, Miteib Suleiman was forced to flee his hometown of Nabek in Syria because of the ravaging war. Along with his family, he moved to Koura in northern Lebanon where he currently works in the construction sector laying tiles.

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Health Concerns Rise with Garbage Piles

Sounding the Alarm As Lebanese Streets Drown in Trash BY Mostapha Raad Until mid October 2015, the Health Ministry registered 460 cases across Lebanon versus 364 cases in 2014. Lebanon’s waste management crisis is approaching its four-month mark with no end in sight. Following the first rains, tons of trash bags which have been piling

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