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Kuwait Freedoms Make Austerity Drive Tricky for Government

By Sylvia Westall and Ahmed Hagagy KUWAIT, May 2 – A three-day strike by oil workers in Kuwait last month over pay reforms shows the government faces considerable opposition as it prepares to push through painful and controversial cuts to longstanding welfare benefits. Oil-exporting states around the Gulf are reducing subsidies for fuel, public utilities

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Saudis Await Prince’s Vision of Future with Hope and Concern

By Marwa Rashad RIYADH, April 24 – Saudi Arabians are anticipating with hope, doubt and worry the release this week of a government plan to liberate the kingdom from its reliance on oil, which could solve deep-rooted problems but bring economic pain. Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the 30-year-old son of King Salman, is

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Saudi King Sets Aside Frustrations with Egypt for State Visit

By Angus McDowall and Lin Noueihed RIYADH/CAIRO, April 5 – Despite years of mutual frustration and disappointment over diverging priorities, Saudi Arabia and Egypt remain fundamental to each other’s security, a message King Salman’s visit to Cairo this week is intended to reinforce. The rare foreign trip by the 80-year-old Saudi ruler will counter media

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